Best Rowenta Irons of 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

best rowenta iron
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Ironing clothes can be a tedious task where you sweat and fret, or it can be easy-peasy and done in a few minutes.

It all depends on the quality of your iron, and the best Rowenta irons can help you get it done like a pro.

For that reason, we’ve have decided to look at the best options from this top European brand.

Which one is the best of the best, though?

Let’s jump in and find out.

About the Rowenta

Before we look into the products, let's start by introducing the brand first.

Rowenta is a well-known company that is over a century old; it started way back in 1909 in Germany.

It's a highly trusted and reliable source of small household appliances, such as irons.

Recently, the company has begun to produce some models in China, but most of them are produced in Germany.

With unparalleled safety and quality standards, Rowenta always delivers what it advertises.

Best Rowenta Iron Reviews

1. Rowenta Pro Master DW8080 Steam Iron

The Pro Master DW8080 by Rowenta is a mid-range iron that is designed to deliver the same results you would get from a high-end model.

It is a good choice for those who require powerful steam to come from their iron.


Like all Rowenta irons, the DW8080 also has a stainless steel soleplate, which makes it a lot more durable than its ceramic competitors.

This also lets it glide over the fabric smoothly.

Compared to irons from other brands, Rowenta irons have pointed precision tips, which can be seen from this model.

This will let you iron even the most hard-to-reach areas of your clothes, such as between the buttons (don’t we all hate ironing this area?).

As far as steaming is concerned, the Pro Master DW8080 does it exactly as the name suggests.

The 400 micro holes not only distribute the heat evenly but also allows you to vertically steam clothes.

The best part?

You can adjust the steam according to the type of fabric you’re ironing, as some materials need more steam to deal with stubborn creases.

If the crease still doesn’t go away, you can steam using the 150g/minute powerful burst of steam.

This iron also has an anti-calcium system, so you don’t have to worry about getting distilled water for steaming.

Moreover, the water tank itself is large, having a capacity of 12.7 ounces.

More importantly, the iron comes with safety features that we all want.

It automatically shuts off after eight minutes of inactivity while upright and 30 seconds while face down or on its side.


  • Gives a powerful burst of steam to remove creases
  • Anti-calc system
  • Variable steam option
  • Vertical steam for hanging clothes
  • Large water tank
  • 360-degree useability


  • The power cord only seven feet long
  • The steam buttons on top are not ergonomic

2. Rowenta Everlast DW7180 Steam Iron

If you want a top-quality steam iron that not only does a solid job at ironing but also gives off powerful steam, the Everlast DW7180 might just be what you need.

It may be pricey, but it’s undoubtedly a steaming champ.


The Everlast DW7180 iron is designed to be all-powerful.

A stainless steel soleplate with 400 micro holes gives your clothes evenly distributed steam and renders a smooth ironing experience.

It also has an anti-calc system, which means it collects lime from the tap water in the scale collector.

This helps the steam holes to remain free of build-up and work effectively.

The collector collects as much as a teaspoon of minerals, and you can remove this easily.

This model offers vertical steam, burst steam, and variable steam, too.

The burst steam delivers steam at a striking 180g/minute, removing every crease there is.

Moreover, the auto steam system adjusts steam according to the soleplate temperature, making your job a whole lot easier.

This iron consumes 1750 watts, which makes it so powerful.

It heats up in less than a couple of minutes and gives off lots of steady steam that you can use to straighten fabrics for any task, like wearing, sewing, professional ironing, and more.

With all those remarkable features, we can say that the high price-point is justified.

The 10-ounce water tank is a bummer, though, which empties up pretty quickly when steaming.

Also, almost opaque plastic may make it difficult to measure the water level.

Other than that, you got yourself a stylish iron that does its job well.


  • Powerful 180g/minute steam burst
  • Has scale collector for maintenance
  • Precision tip reaches tricky areas
  • Auto steam for ease of use
  • Packed with safety features


  • Small water tank
  • Heavy

3. Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6080 Steam Iron

Want to go green without compromising on quality?

The Eco Intelligence DW6080 is probably the perfect choice for you then.

You can iron your clothes like a pro while saving 25% on energy with this model.


The Eco Intelligence DW6080, as the name suggests, helps you save 25% on energy consumption as compared to other irons.

The 3D soleplate ensures there is no steam loss, while the 400 micro holes distribute it nicely.

Hence, it’s one of the best Rowenta irons for energy savings.

Moreover, the stainless steel soleplate ensures durability.

Since you’ll be using steam, there are chances of rusting, but not with Rowenta irons.

You may save energy, but that doesn’t mean the iron compromises on any features.

You get three variable steam settings: boost, eco, and dry.

For convenience, you can also vertically steam clothes with this iron.

With an anti-calc system, you won’t have to worry about which type of water to use.

Furthermore, the safety features will put your mind at ease as it automatically shuts off.

We also can’t ignore the fact that this model looks very attractive, with its white and light green color scheme.

It even has a flowery pattern near the base, which is just so cute!

The handle on this model is soft and easy to hold, and the lever to set the steam is easy to work with.

However, it’s not made up of the best quality plastic, so it doesn’t feel too sturdy when you rotate it.


  • Energy savings of more than 25%
  • 3D stainless steel soleplate
  • Vertical and variable steam
  • Anti-calc
  • Attractive design


  • May drip when upright
  • Steam lever not made up of sturdy plastic

4. Rowenta Access Steam DW2171 Iron

Are Rowenta’s prices giving you watery eyes yet?

Perhaps the DW2171 Access Steam is for you then.

This model is for those of you who need irons for everyday use that doesn't cost a ton but are still reliable.


The Access Steam is an entry-level iron by Rowenta designed for everyday use.

With a 1600-watt power rating, you’ll get just the right level of heat to press your clothes.

Sure, it may not work well with a thick fabric like that of a curtain, but for clothes, it's just fine.

Since it’s on the inexpensive side, you get 300 micro holes instead of the standard 400.

Nevertheless, it’s a lot more than other irons, and they produce enough steam to iron your clothes straight and crisp.

What seals the deal, though, is the auto-steam thermostat.

It can automatically set the temperature and steam level according to the fabric you set it on.

You would not expect this feature from such an affordable iron, but Rowenta always satisfies its customers.

Plus, this model still has the main advantages of a standard Rowenta iron.

It has an anti-calc feature to prevent lime accumulation and a three-way safety feature that makes it perfect for household use.

It even comes with the option of a retractable cord.

Even though this model is not produced in Germany (instead, in China), it is still effective and one of the best from Rowenta to buy on a budget.


  • Inexpensive
  • Precision tip
  • Vertical steam, variable, burst steam
  • Auto steam
  • Anti-drip and anti-calc
  • Safety features
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Not made in Germany
  • May not be hot enough or produce enough steam for certain fabrics
  • Small 8.45-ounce water tank

5. Rowenta Focus Xcel 5260 Steam Iron

If you want a great steam iron with the best steam distribution, a larger-than-average tank, along with a high-precision tip, check out the Focus Xcel 5260.


The Focus Xcel 5260 will not disappoint in terms of performance and efficacy.

It is a 1715-watt steam iron that heats up quickly and has 400 high definition holes for an even and efficient distribution of steam.

Perfectly ironed clothes are only a minute away with this tough guy.

It also has a high precision tip, so if those buttons are giving you a hard time, well, they won’t anymore.

The steam holes don’t reach until the tip, but you can always use the 100g/minute burst steam option.

It’s not a very powerful burst option, though, like the Pro Master or Everlast.

This model also has an anti-calc system that self-cleans the machine.

Moreover, it has an 11-ounce tank, which is larger than most of its fellow steam irons.

Aside from the fact that it makes steaming much easier, you can also clearly see the water level with this model, which is a big plus.

Along with this, a dark purple-black/white design makes this iron look much cooler than the other dull color schemes of some Rowenta irons.

With safety features and 360-degree cord usability, the iron meets Rowenta’s German standards and justifies the mid-high price-point.

With all that being said, a longer cord would’ve been nice, though.


  • Precision tip for tricky areas
  • 400 HD holes for the best steam distribution
  • Vertical steaming
  • Anti-calc and anti-drip
  • Clear tank visibility
  • Heats up quickly


  • The cord is not long enough
  • Small handle space
  • Does not have auto steam

6. Rowenta Professional DW8061 Steam Iron

The DW8061 steam iron is a less costly option but with the wattage of a high-end iron.

If you want powerful steam and high heat for a low price, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Being an inexpensive option as compared to other models, the DW8061 steam iron only has 330 micro steam holes.

Nevertheless, it still distributes steam well enough and gives out a steady flow.

The good part about this iron is that it throws out a long burst of steam.

This makes sure that the steam penetrates even the thickest fabrics and removes creases.

Another feature that we like is that it has a pretty big water capacity—12.7 ounces, to be precise.

That’s almost two cups of water, which means that vertical steaming will be a breeze with this model.

This steam iron heats up well within two minutes, so you won’t have to wait for an eon before you can start ironing.

It also has the same anti-calc system as most Rowenta models have, so you can use untreated water without any worries.

The colors aren’t that great, though, and the handle design isn’t the best.

It's also a bit heavy, which means that it's not travel-friendly, though most Rowenta irons aren't.

Plus, if you have weak eyesight, you’ll find it difficult to measure the water level.


  • Affordable
  • Precision tip
  • Heats up quickly and has powerful steam
  • Large water tank for fewer refills
  • Self-cleaning
  • Variable and vertical steam
  • Made in Germany


  • Difficult to check the water level
  • A bit on the heavier side

7. Rowenta Smart Steam DW3261 Iron

For those of you who leave burn holes on clothes every now and then while ironing, you’ll love the Smart Steam DW3261.

It is simply among the best irons for rookies.


This iron doesn’t only look cool; it’s actually cool.

With the Perfect Temp technology, it offers an optimum setting for all kinds of fabric.

Hence, if you’re a bit clumsy with irons, and don’t know which settings are best for what, the Smart Steam DW3261 will do the job for you.

Moreover, this model produces lots of steam to fulfill your cloth steaming needs.

It also produces 180g/minute of burst steam to melt away those crinkles and creases in a blink.

The 380 holes on its soleplate will ensure thorough steam coverage.

Plus, the soleplate is multi-layered, highly durable, and scratch-resistant.

Like most Rowenta irons, this also has the standard three-way safety features, anti-calc system, and vertical steaming option.

Did we mention the black and blue exterior looks super cool?

It does come with small drawbacks, though, such as a small water tank and the fact that it’s not easy to check the water level.


  • Perfect Temp technology for no-fuss temperature settings
  • 180g/minute burst steam easily removes creases
  • Anti-calc and anti-drip
  • Has an eight-foot long cord
  • Eco-mode available for low energy use
  • Cool design


  • Opaque water tank
  • Small 8.45-ounce tank capacity
  • May not be hot enough for certain fabrics


After going through each review, which one do you think is the best Rowenta steam iron?

It depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

If you can spare some extra cash, the Everlast DW7180 and the Eco Intelligence DW6080 are both great choices.

However, if you’re on a budget, we recommend that you go for the Access Steam DW8061.

We can assure you that its German standards won’t disappoint you.

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