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How to Get Stubborn Wrinkles Out of Clothes Effectively

how to get stubborn wrinkles out of clothes

Isn’t it irritating to see your favorite clothes getting all wrinkled when you pull them out of your closet or suitcase?  Isn’t it awkward when someone taps your shoulders and says you have wrinkles on your shirt or dress? No one wants to face either of the two situations, so learning the best way on how to […]

How to Clean a Rowenta Iron Safely and Effectively

how to clean a rowenta iron

When you start feeling a drag in your iron or start seeing brownish streaks on your clothes, that’s a sign that your Rowenta Iron needs cleaning. When it comes to how to clean a Rowenta Iron, the first thing you need to identify is whether or not it comes with a self-cleaning feature. Let’s discuss how to go […]

Can You Iron Silk: Simple Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

can you iron silk

Wrinkles are common, and if you are not very careful with your silk garment, you will need to deal with this annoying problem. If you’re wondering and asking, can you iron silk to solve the issue, we will talk about the possibility of doing so. We will also discuss other methods that you can use to keep […]

How to Iron Clothes Without an Ironing Board

how to iron clothes without an ironing board

Ironing our clothes is one of the many chores that we do every week, or in some households, every day. Making sure that our clothes look neat and tidy is perhaps what gives us the confidence to face the day and finish all of our tasks. If you live in a small apartment, though, you probably know […]

Clothes Steamer vs Iron: Which One to Choose?

clothes steamer vs iron

Let’s be real, ironing, whether with an iron or a steamer, is a house errand that no one really likes doing, but you need to for you to have crisp, nice, and wrinkle-free clothes. With so many options in the market, there’s a constant battle between clothes steamer vs iron since they both generate heat to […]

How to Get Iron Stains out of Clothes

how to get iron stains out of clothes

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re just finishing up ironing your shirt to wear for the day, and a big, rusty iron stain appears. Let’s just hope that you’re not one of those people who iron their clothes as you need them, as this might leave you caught short on the day. Iron stains are a […]

How to Get Wax Out of Clothes Without an Iron

how to get wax out of clothes without an iron

Candles can help create a relaxing ambiance in your home, and using scented candles are a fantastic way to spread delicious scents. If you have ever spilled a candle on yourself, however, then you’ll know that removing wax from clothes can be a difficult and time-consuming laundry task. Almost always, the removal process involves using the heat […]

Best Way to Iron a Shirt: Complete Guide and Tips

best way to iron a shirt

Back in the day, our grandmothers were the neat and tidy types who used to iron everything and anything. These include anything from curtains and bedsheets to tablecloths, pillowcases, and even handkerchiefs. You will not see any trace of wrinkles in their clothes. Everything looked wrinkle-free, crisp, fresh, and clean. In today’s generation, though, it’s very […]