How to Iron Clothes Without an Ironing Board

how to iron clothes without an ironing board
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Ironing our clothes is one of the many chores that we do every week, or in some households, every day.

Making sure that our clothes look neat and tidy is perhaps what gives us the confidence to face the day and finish all of our tasks.

If you live in a small apartment, though, you probably know how difficult and stressful it is to have to store an ironing board because of the space it takes.

For that reason, we’ve decided to share with you how to iron clothes without an ironing board.

This is one of the many tricks you can have up your sleeve that’ll definitely make your life easier.

You can also make use of these tricks whenever you're out of town and need your clothes to be wrinkle-free.

Importance of Ironing Your Clothes

Before we give you the tricks on how to iron without an ironing board, let’s first discuss why ironed clothes are very important.

Is it all just for show, or is there something more that it actually offers?

More than helping you look neat and tidy, a perfectly ironed set of clothes also offers these benefits:

1. Kills Germs

Washing your clothes kills the germs from them, right? Well, technically, yes.

Then again, in some cases, simply washing them may not be enough, as some of the germs end up escaping the cleaning process.

That being said, when you iron your clothes, you’ll definitely be killing all the leftover microorganisms through the heat.

2. Prevents Shrinking

Admit it. You probably had one or two of your pieces of clothing that fell victim to shrinking after you’ve washed them.

Although there are certain laundry detergents that vow to keep your clothes in pristine condition, we all know that it’s not always true.

One way to prevent shrinking with absolute certainty is by ironing them.

3. Look Better and Fresher

Finally, ironing your clothes is very important because it keeps them fresh.

Although the fact that the clothes will look better is absolutely true, this is just a by-product.

Ironing your clothes maintains not only its appearance but also its quality. Doing this regularly will prolong your clothes' lifespan.

Ironing Board Alternatives at Home

Now that we know how important ironing your clothes is, you definitely don’t want to spend another day without wearing ironed clothes again.

The problem remains for those who don’t have ironing boards or just simply don’t have access to them at the moment.

Well, here are some alternatives you can use at home.

1. Kitchen Table

One of the most common household surfaces you can use as an alternative ironing board is your kitchen table.

It’s worth noting that one disadvantage this brings is that, more often than not, there are lots of stuff on top of your kitchen table, and it might be quite the hassle to remove them first.

Nevertheless, it’s definitely doable.

You just have to ensure that you cover it first with a towel to prevent it from getting damaged from the iron’s heat.

2. Hard Floor

Something everyone definitely has is a hard floor. All you need to do is to clear a spot on your floor and use it to iron your clothes on.

You would want to make sure that the area is spotless, though. Otherwise, you’d end up with really dirty clothing.

This is also not advisable if you have kids in your house, as it can easily result in an accident.

If your floor is made of hardwood, the heat from the iron may also be rather risky because it may cause permanent damage to the material.

3. Bed

Perhaps the one alternative you have at home that offers the most convenience is your bed.

It’s easily accessible, and you just have to pull the pieces of clothing out of your cabinet and iron them right away.

Still, beds do not offer the same amount of resistance that the other alternatives we mentioned do.

You also have to make sure that you don’t leave your iron on top of the bed, or it may damage your sheets.

How to Iron Clothes Without an Ironing Board

Whether in the absence of an ironing board or you want to use an iron that can easily remove wrinkles from your clothes, the secret lies in one important appliance.

In learning how to iron clothes without an ironing board, the best way to do it is to use a steam iron.

Whatever surface you’re using, a steam iron will do wonders on your clothes’ wrinkles.

What’s a Steam Iron?

A steam iron is just like your regular iron but with the added feature of a steaming system.

This intelligent design is the key component in making sure that you get to leave your home with perfectly ironed clothes.

Because of the steam, you do not have to apply too much pressure on the cloth because the least amount of resistance is more than enough to straighten any wrinkle.

Some steam irons would even allow you to iron clothing even while it’s hung inside your cabinet.


The secret to ironing clothes without an ironing board doesn’t lie on the surface you’re ironing on but on the iron itself.

While it’s true that maximizing the spaces and surfaces you have at home and using them as alternatives is rather effective, it’s also true that you don’t have to punish yourself in going through so much trouble just to have wrinkle-free clothes.

We understand that ironing your clothes every day or every week takes up much of your time, but that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon the task completely.

All you have to do is to make the task easier, and the best way to do it is to iron your clothes with a steam iron.

Whether you have an ironing board or not, there’s no more excuse for not having a wrinkle-free shirt.

The steam iron is here to make our days hassle-free and also make sure you don’t end up damaging the various surfaces in your home.

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