How to Straighten Clothes Without Iron: Free and Easy Ways

How to Straighten Clothes Without Iron Free and Easy Ways
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In most cases, it’s easy to assume that you’ll always have an iron on-hand. Unfortunately, this is not always the case since, at times, you might be away from home and not near a dry cleaner. Alternatively, you might not be interested in paying someone to press your clothes for you. In those emergent situations, it’s important you know how to straighten clothes without iron.

Straightening Clothes Iron-Free

Using these free and easy tricks, you can successfully iron your clothes with everyday items.

Method One: Hair Straightener

In the past, women would use irons to straighten their hair, so why can’t you do the complete opposite? Most hair straighteners are designed with nearly the same plating as regular irons.

Not to mention you can also custom set temperatures on your straightener. With that being said, you’ll first need to know what temperatures to use for specific fabrics.

Straightening Clothes

You can use your hair straightener to flatten your shirt collar and cuffs. The only downfall is that it won’t be useful for larger sections of your clothes. It’s also important that you remove any buildup on the plates from hair products you’ve used in the past.

Method Two: Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer gives you the ability to work out wrinkles in a variety of areas. Unlike a hair straightener, you can target the larger sections of garments, but this process is going to take a little longer. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t scorch your fabric, as blow dryers get incredibly hot.

Keep the blow dryer approximately three inches away from the material and shoot hot bursts of air into the wrinkled areas. After a couple of passes, you’ll begin to see the wrinkles fall out. Make sure you have the garment on a hanger so that gravity can help to work out the wrinkles as well.

Method Three: Damp Towel

Steam is a fantastic item to use for ironing, as we’ll discuss in more detail below. Damp towels, whether warm or cold, can assist you with getting rid of difficult creases. Do note that the warmer the towel, the faster it will work.

When you apply a wet towel on top of the garment, it’s going to make the fabric release the wrinkles. Once it is sufficiently moistened, you can hang the piece of clothing on a hanger. As it won’t be wrinkled while hanging, as it dries, all of the creases will disappear.

Method Four: Shower Steam

This is arguably among the most popular methods for learning how to straighten clothes without iron. In fact, many brides use this idea to help work out unexpected creases from gowns.

Using a hanger, you’ll want to drape the garment either on the shower rod or on a towel rod that is hanging on the wall. Make sure that you close all of the windows and stick a towel under the door of the bathroom.

Turn the shower on and turn the faucet to the highest heat possible. Allow the steam to work its way into the fabric, releasing the wrinkles gently for about 15 minutes.

Professional crease removal

Method Five: DIY Vinegar Spray

There are professional crease removal sprays that you can buy from the store, but they are often filled with chemicals. You can make your own wrinkle-remover at home with the use of vinegar and water.

Combine one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle. If you notice some of your garments have unsightly wrinkles, simply spray the solution over the affected areas. It’s likely this will also cause the shirt to have a faint hint of vinegar, so you may want to consider a light spray of perfume or cologne.

Method Six: Boiling Pot of Water

Similar to hanging your garments in the shower, using a pot of water is a common ironing tool as well. All you’ll need is water, a pot, and a stove. This unique method teaches you how you can make your very own iron out of relatively anything.

The first thing you’ll want to do is thoroughly wash the outside and inside of the pot. You certainly don't want to deal with any residue on top of trying to get rid of creases. You can then fill it with a sufficient amount of water.

Bring the water to a rolling boil for five minutes and once the water has boiled, dump the water into the sink. Place a dishcloth on top of the wrinkled areas of your clothes and gently glide the bottom of the pot along with the dishcloth. This is essentially creating your very own iron without needing to use steam.

Final Thoughts

If you’re really willing to get a little creative, there are many ways you can learn how to straighten clothes without iron. In fact, the majority of these techniques can help you never to have to invest in a clothes iron.

With that being said, some may take a little longer than others. If you are someone who frequently presses your clothes, investing in a clothes iron is still the simplest method.

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