Rowenta Steamforce DW9280 Review

rowenta steamforce dw9280
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Quick Overview





  • Water level in the tank is visible
  • Big tank capacity
  • Can steam vertically
  • 90 inches cord length


  • Soleplate collects dirt from fabrics
  • Not for business use

Nowadays, most people rely on the help of modern technology in almost everything they do. Even clothing irons are not the same, old basic ones that we were used to when we were younger.

You will find hundreds of different brands and models of clothing irons out in the market today. Each one boasts of unique features that will make the user's chore simpler and less stressful.

One example of a clothing iron that claims to incorporate modern technology to its design is the Rowenta Steamforce DW9280. They say that this clothing iron is a cut above the rest. Some even say that this is the ultimate clothing iron for all your ironing needs.

Rowenta Steamforce DW9280

Rowenta is a German brand that continues to create high-quality items to meet the demands of its growing clientele. The company wants to make sure that the day-to-day lives of their customers are made more comfortable with the products that they make. They even partnered with WWF to make sure that every product they create will not be harmful to both the people and the environment.

The Rowenta DW9280 is considered the leader among steam irons. It has this unique look that you cannot ignore. It also uses modern technology and ultimate power so it can deliver high performance to its users.

This iron has motion sensors and lots of LED light indicators. The high amount of energy that this steam iron uses can thoroughly clean everything through steaming. Are these features enough to have you buy them?

Who Is This Product For?

This steam iron is an appliance intended for home use. Whether you are a working parent or stay-at-home spouse, this steam iron is perfect for your daily ironing chores. This is also the right choice for people who are always on the go but still want a professional-looking wardrobe without spending a lot of money on dry cleaning and other services.

Although the steam iron provides professional performance and results, we don't recommend that you use this for business. It may not be able to handle the pressure of constant use on a business set-up.

This iron is packed with a lot of features, which is why the price is on the higher end of the scale, so you may want to set aside a budget for it. The LED display and the one-touch system makes it easy to operate, making it user-friendly.

What's Included?

Upon purchase, you will receive the Rowenta Steamforce DW9280 clothing iron and a user's manual.

Overview of the Features

Let's take a closer look at the individual and unique features of the Rowenta Steamforce DW9280 for us to have an idea of how easy it is to use.

  • 1800 Watts

The clothing iron heats up fast and can get hot like an oven. Once you set the temperature to a specific range, it stays on that range, making it easy to remove any crease or wrinkle on the fabric.

  • Stainless Steel Soleplate

The non-stick stainless steel soleplate with silicate coating makes this iron glide smoothly on any fabric, making ironing effortless. The stainless steel is also durable and easy to maintain.

  • High-Precision Tip

The precision tip on this clothing iron makes it easy to iron areas that are hard or tricky to reach, like in-between buttons, creases, and collar corners. The steam shot function is where you can precisely shoot a spot on the fabric that needs smoothing.

  • Steam Motion Sensor

The steam motion sensor is one of the smart functions of the Steamforce. It is where the motion of the iron controls the variable steam. If the steam iron is not moving, the water and the power is cut-off automatically.

  • Self-Clean System

Accumulated dirt and other impurities in the tank may block the steam holes that will lower the production of steam and its efficiency. The clothing iron has a self-cleaning system that will flush out all the dirt inside. The manufacturer recommends that you use this function at least once a month.

  • Electronic Steam Pump

This feature is exclusive to the Rowenta Steamforce DW9280. The pump can produce a powerful blast of steam that you can direct to the stubborn crease or wrinkle on your clothing.

  • Steam Micro-Holes

One of the innovations of Rowenta is the 400 steam micro-holes found in selected Rowenta models. These holes are distributed evenly on the soleplate, which helps in the generation of steam.

  • Digital LED Display

This clothing iron has an LED display that shows the fabric setting you chose from the five options provided.

  • Anti-Calc System

If the amount of mineral deposits increases, the electrical components of the steam iron may be damaged. The anti-calc system helps in preventing the accumulation of mineral deposits and scales inside the iron.

  • Auto-Power Off

This auto-power off feature is part of the safety functions of the steam iron. The power will automatically turn off when there's no detected movement on the steam iron. This technology helps in avoiding fire.


It is a bit hard to look for a steam iron to compare our featured product with, so we decided to compare it to a steam iron from the same brand but a different model. For this comparison, we have chosen to take a closer look at the Rowenta DW7180 Everlast.

From what we have seen, these two steam irons have a lot of similarities and differences when it comes to features and price range.  For instance, both models have a stainless steel soleplate that has 400 micro steam holes. They are also both equipped with a self-cleaning system and a three-way auto-off function.

However, the Rowenta Steamforce DW9820 boasts of a Digital LED display compared to the Everlast's easy-control knob. The wattage of Steamforce is slightly higher compared to the Everlast. Lastly, both steam irons are expensive.

Final Thoughts

The Rowenta Steamforce DW9820 can deliver what it claims it can do and more. It's a bit hard to compare this steam iron to another and expect the same results. Though a bit expensive than most steam irons in the market, it is still worth the investment.

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