Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron Review

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron Review
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Quick Overview






  • Easy to fill
  • Powerful steam
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Small water reservoir

Traveling for work requires you to look your best at all times. However, with limited access to supplies in hotels, you may not be able to keep your suit or dresses neatly ironed. So, what can you do to solve this dilemma?

Well, one solution is to invest in a travel iron. With this device, you’ll be able to keep your clothes looking brand new with crisp lines and edges while on the go. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron to see if this is the one you’re looking for.

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron Review

The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron features multiple upgrades that enable you to keep your clothes in the best condition possible. Whether you need a quick touch-up or need to press your full outfit, this device can handle the job.

This travel iron has a compact design that allows it to fit perfectly into any luggage. Regardless of its small size, though, it doesn’t skimp out on power. You’ll get the same amount of press and steam quality as a standard-sized iron, which enables you to protect your clothes against wrinkles.

Who Is this Product for?

This travel iron is perfect for travelers who need to press their clothes while they’re on the go. If you have a business trip, vacation, or special event coming up, the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron can help you keep your clothes presentable.

What’s Included?

The package comes with the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron with an attached extension cord. Overall, the weight of the package arrives at 1.39 pounds, and the dimensions are 3.6 x 7.9 x 4 inches.

Overview of the Features

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron:

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir can be filled from the top of the device. All you’ll need to do is place it under a faucet or use a cup to fill it until the reservoir is full. Place the top of the device back and make sure it’s fully secured before turning the unit on.


It’s important to have enough steam to get out extra-stubborn wrinkles. The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron features a high burst steam system that shoots from the bottom soleplate. Each burst of steam is strong enough to smooth out wrinkles and is convenient to use.

Easy Maneuverability

The small and compact size of this travel iron that conforms to your hand enables you to have enhanced maneuverability. Glide the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron over wrinkles while having complete access to all buttons and controls located on the side of the device.


There are multiple steam settings on this travel iron, which enable you to control how much steam gets released. You can adjust the setting from light steam, medium steam, and heavy steam for creating sharp creases.


To ensure that your clothes stay safe, there’s a full iron non-stick soleplate attached to the bottom of the device. It provides a non-stick surface that assures the steam will glide smoothly over any kind of fabric. The pointed tip enables you to create crisp and clear pressed lines without extra effort.

Full-Size Features

Lastly, the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron features versatility by allowing you to use the device with or without steam. It includes all the same features a standard-size model would give you, including temperature control, steam settings, and an iron setting.

How to Use this Travel Iron

The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron is incredibly easy to use. First, you’re going to need to take a cup of water and detach the lid. Pour the water from the container into the device until its water compartment is full.

From there, turn the iron on and adjust the stem and temperature settings. Give it at least a minute to heat up, and it’s ready to be used.

If you don’t need steam for your clothes, then you can skip filling the water reservoir, and simply turn the device on. Once it’s hot, use it to create creases and undo wrinkles. Firmly press down on the device and glide it over the fabric. If you want to create a crease, then keep the device held down for a second or two before moving onto the next area.

Once you’re done, turn the device off and allow it to cool before storing it away.


While the Sunbeam travel iron is an excellent device, sometimes you may need a more powerful model. The Steamfast SF-750 is an excellent alternative to the Sunbeam travel iron. It features a 1,000-watt travel system that can be used to remove wrinkles in any fabric. The water tank can hold up to two ounces of water at a time, and it also comes with a heat indicator.

The device only takes three minutes to sufficiently heat up, which can be useful for those in a hurry. There are temperature controls, as well as two steam burst settings, and it enables you to use it without water. This travel iron from Steamfast can conveniently fit into any suitcase and features a compact design perfect for travel.


Looking pristine and professional while you’re traveling is a must. It shows that you care about your appearance and take the extra effort to look the part. It’s hard to locate and find the time to visit a laundry store to get your clothes steamed and pressed, but with a travel iron, you can quickly get rid of wrinkles, steam press, or iron your clothes.

The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron is an excellent choice, but if you’re looking for a more powerful device, we’d recommend the Steamfast SF-750.

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