T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron Review

tfal iron review
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Quick Overview





  • Powers and heats up extremely quickly
  • Comes with a very long power cord
  • Generates an impressive amount of steam at the touch of a button
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can be used for vertical steam ironing
  • Works on most fabrics
  • Features ample safety features
  • Does not tip over easily


  • The water tank capacity is slightly smaller
  • The user manual is not very easy to understand

There’s no doubt that there are countless options for steam irons on the market.

However, only a handful of them genuinely offers excellent results on a wide variety of fabrics while still being budget-friendly.

Among those few, the T-Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron is truly one of the most powerful and efficient models you can find.

This steam iron is easy to use mainly due to its multiple convenience features. It gives you full control over the steam settings and also features impressive in-built safety systems.

Learn more about it by reading our detailed Tfal iron review below.

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About T-Fal 

T-fal is a small appliance and cookware manufacturer company based in France and owned by Groupe SEB, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of cookware.

The brand name is a portmanteau of the words Teflon and aluminum. It is mainly known for making non-stick cookware and frying equipment. 

The brand is also marketed as T-Fal in a couple of countries, including the United States. Some of the other popular products it is known for are garment steamers and steam irons.

Following its ideology to expand its customer base globally, the company entered the Indian market in 2014 by acquiring the Maharaja Whiteline, one of India’s largest consumer household brands.

Company History

Back in 1954, Marc Grégoire’s wife asked him to coat all her pans as he had done for his own fishing gear. What followed were astonishing results.

Two years later, in 1956, he created T-fal and produced non-stick frying pans, which were the first examples of non-stick cookware.

Back then, it was considered a revolutionary feat, as it made people’s life much easier. This also started Grégoire’s endless pursuit of innovation.

From the time he founded his company, he has constantly aimed to find newer and innovative solutions to people’s everyday problems. 

This dedication led him to invent the very first cordless iron, as well, which is just one example among several more.

The Company’s Commitment 

T-Fal and all its partners are highly committed to fighting for meaningful progress and improvement.

They respect common values such as equal opportunities, sustainable development, and responsible consumption. 

The company ensures that all of its products are made with respect to ethical principles, not just in their factories but also within their suppliers.

What’s more, they ensure that they help the communities in the regions where they operate.

T-Fal believes that they need to act as responsible economic stakeholders by supporting and helping local businesses and associations to fight against exclusions.

It takes into account the respect for the environment at every stage in the life cycle of every single one of their products. 

This includes right from the time of the initial research all the way down to when they are produced and even the transport and use by the consumer.

T-Fal strongly believes that they can be a leader in household product manufacturing by also focusing on these important values.

T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron

The T-Fal FV4495 is a mid-range steam iron. It may be a budget-friendly home appliance, but it’s a front runner thanks to the plethora of features it is loaded with.

This steam iron has a simple and attractive design. It is lightweight and is quite easy to use, too.

The FV4495 was released back in early 2014. Slowly and steadily, it continues to become more and more popular thanks to the value-for-money it offers its users.

Who Is the T-fal FV4495 Steam Iron For?

In a nutshell, this T-Fal steam iron is for anyone who believes in looking their best wherever they go. We believe that a steam iron is an appliance that every household must possess.

The T-Fal steam iron is a great product for those who are on a budget but still looking for a good quality iron with impressive features.

It is a steam iron that can effectively get rid of creases from a wide variety of fabrics.

What’s more, it is ideal for those who suffer from physical issues that prohibit them from using heavy irons. Because it is lightweight, using it for extended periods won’t be a problem.

Best of all, this steam iron comes with a ceramic soleplate instead of the regular stainless-steel soleplate. As such, it performs phenomenally well.

Lastly, it comes backed by a lifetime warranty, too.

If you simply want a steam iron that looks as good as it performs, this is exactly for you.

What’s Included?

The T-Fal FV4495 steam iron arrives packed well in a box.

Upon unboxing it, you will find the iron itself along with its warranty card and a user manual. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly before using the appliance for the first time.

Overview of the Features

At first glance, this steam iron looks like a simple yet attractive home appliance with nothing much to offer.

However, as you read through more and more Tfal iron reviews, you will realize that the FV4495 is packed with a ton of features.

  • Ceramic Soleplate

One of the most impressive features of this iron is its ceramic soleplate.

The Ultraglide ceramic soleplate is completely scratch resistant and capable of creating a smoother glide all over the fabric.

This ensures a reduction of friction on the fabrics, which helps keep the garment looking newer for much longer.

Since a majority of ceramics are capable of resisting electricity flow, this material is especially used in appliances to reduce static.

It is what makes this iron particularly effective when you have to iron synthetic fabrics. 

The ceramic soleplate’s tip is designed to be tapered to target the fabric’s intricate areas, like the seams and pleats and between buttons.

While the plate is slightly smaller than most irons, it does heat up much faster.

  • Vertical Steaming

With the T-Fal steam iron, you won’t even need to consider investing in a garment steamer, as it is capable of vertically steaming, too. The iron comes with a strong steam shot.

Thanks to its lightweight build, it is much easier to hold the iron when you need to steam hung garments and curtains.

  • Ample Holes for Steam

The soleplate comes with multiple micro steam holes that promote a much more even distribution of steam.

This can power through even the deepest of creases on any fabric with absolutely no effort from the user.

The iron is backed by 1,725 watts of power. This allows it to heat up exceptionally quickly and to a maximum high heat that is just no match for any linen or high-thread-count cotton. 

If you own any type of garment that is particularly challenging to tame, all you need to do is press the steam button on the top of this iron to burst a powerful shot of steam. 

This extra steam button will create a burst of about 100 g/minute.

  • Auto-Off

Another impressive feature of the T-Fal steam iron concerns safety.

If you leave this iron on accidentally after you’re done ironing, or if the soleplate is facing down or is on its long side, the safety feature will be triggered.

This is designed to switch off automatically in 30 seconds.

If that’s not enough, the iron will also switch off after eight minutes of inactivity on its heel.

This ensures that there is absolutely no risk of you burning your house down because of this iron, especially when you are busy running around getting ready in the morning.

  • EasyCord Power Cable

This iron comes with something called an EasyCord exit system. This helps in keeping the cord out of your way when you are ironing.

It works very differently compared to the ball bearing cable attachment in most irons.

The cord remains elevated so that it does not snag on any freshly ironed garment when you move the iron along on it. This ensures that the garment does not get wrinkled again.

What’s better is that the cord is impressively long at 12 feet. This means it can reach most power outlets without any issue.

Once you are done ironing and have to rest it on its heel, the cable joint will move out of the way, creating a much more stable and cord-free base for the iron to rest on.

  • Water Tank Capacity 

The T-Fal steam iron comes with a large opening for conveniently filling water in its tank.

This is an amazing feature as most steam irons only have a small opening, so making a mess is almost always a certainty.

The iron comes with a nine-ounce tank, which is smaller than most steam irons on the market. 

This smaller water tank will not pose much of a problem when ironing regular garments like trousers, shirts, and blouses.

However, if you have to iron curtains or other larger pieces of fabrics, you might need to constantly refill the water tank.

  • Ergonomic Design

T-Fal has evidently put in a lot of thought into the design of this iron.

For starters, its grip and the reach of the dial and buttons are well thought out. The cord has an impressive reach, and the ceramic soleplate is non-stick and super smooth.

In fact, even the tank is quite easier to fill, making this a user-friendly appliance that you can rely on for many years.

  • Self-Clean System

This iron comes with two self-cleaning systems. The first one is a calc-recollecting non-drip valve, and the other is an integrated anti-scale system.

One of the common reasons why most irons don’t last too long is calcium buildup. The deposits of minerals cause blockage in the steam ducts, which then affect the flow of steam.

While the user manual does not exactly specify what type of water to use, we recommend using distilled water to prolong the iron’s life.

You can also use tap water, but if the water in your tap is hard, you should consider diluting it with distilled water.

  • Warranty

The duration of the warranty differs from one country to another.

T-Fal offers a one-year warranty on this iron for customers in the United States.

A lifetime warranty protects the iron’s ceramic soleplate, cementing the fact that this is a high-quality soleplate that will last you for years or even decades if taken care of properly. 

In addition, the company also provides its customers with a fantastic customer care service.

How to Make the Most Out of the T-fal FV4495 Steam Iron

The T-Fal FV4495 steam iron is a fairly simple appliance to use, even with the plethora of features it comes with.

If you are keen to know more about the iron, we recommend checking out this video. It talks about this steam iron in great detail and also shows it in action.


Several Tfal iron reviews showed that there are barely any flaws with the FV4495 steam iron.

Nevertheless, there are specific issues that might warrant an alternative for certain people.

To help you out, here are two more noteworthy steam irons you might want to check out. 

Rowenta Professional DW0280

Though slightly on the expensive side, this German-made iron comes with the same impressive features as its counterpart and more.

  • Microholes

This steam iron boasts more microholes, offering a steady 35 g/min of steam. At the push of a button, it can burst a strong steam that will tame most creases.

  • Safety Features

Like the T-Fal steam iron, this model also comes with the same automatic three-way shut-off system to prevent accidents.

  • Easy Control Thermostat Knob

The knob allows you to easily select the ideal output of steam based on the kind of fabric you are working on.

  • Stainless Steel Soleplate

While a stainless-steel soleplate isn’t necessarily bad, it doesn’t offer the same impressive results and long life as a ceramic soleplate.

If you prefer Rowenta irons, particularly, we recommend checking out the best Rowenta iron reviews.

Mueller Professional-Grade Steam Iron

The Rowenta iron is definitely a pricey option, so this budget-friendly German-made iron from Mueller might be a better fit for some.

  • Quick Heating

What’s impressive about this iron is that it takes no more than three seconds for the steam to generate and less than a minute to reach its maximum temperature.

  • Retractable Cord

This iron’s retractable eight-feet cord winds up quickly at the push of a button, making the iron easy to store.

  • Great Quality

Even though this is a cheaper option, the company hasn’t cut corners with its overall build and quality. You can trust that it’s durable enough to last for many years with proper use and care.

  • Leakage

One problem we found is that this iron tends to leak a little when you hit the steam button.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this Tfal iron review has provided you with all the relevant information you need to decide whether the FV4495 is the perfect match for you. 

All in all, we found that it is a durable, solid, and well-made appliance that can outperform many irons in its class with no problems.

Its best feature, though, is its ceramic soleplate, which ensures that any fabric you iron will be free of creases. Indeed, this is an iron that you will certainly not regret buying!

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