What Is the Wool Setting on an Iron: Tips for Ironing Wool

What Is the Wool Setting on an Iron Tips for Ironing Wool
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Choosing the right setting on your iron for the material you’re working with is very important. With the wrong heat settings, you can easily damage a fabric forever.

What many people find to be interesting is that for such a burly material, wool is very fragile when it comes to heat. Therefore, the wool setting is one of the most important settings if you press your own clothes at home. Being able to answer what is the wool setting on an iron can help you to protect your favorite garments.

The Importance of the Wool Setting

When ironed improperly, wool behaves strangely. You might find that the material will come out shiny or will burn easily. Even when using the wool setting, it’s recommended that you use a smooth protective cloth to slide between the iron and the fabric.

What is equally as important is mastering the right technique. By ironing with a back-and-forth motion, you may stretch out the fabric which will permanently affect its shape and fit.

How to Iron Wool Clothing

On most irons, the wool setting will be clearly marked with the word, “Wool”. By pressing this button or turning the adjustment dial, the iron will automatically heat up to the correct temperature. However, not every iron has a wool setting.

If you have a device that works merely with temperature, you’ll need the iron to reach 300°F. Anything higher than that and you will burn the material. Additionally, any heat less than that will not allow you to get rid of wrinkles.

How to Iron Wool Clothing

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you make the most out of your iron. With most garments, you won’t have to visit a dry cleaner to have them pressed. However, if the care claims suggest otherwise, it’s best to allow a professional to do the job for you.

Step One: Checking the Care Claims

Before you decide to iron wool garments at home, the very first thing you should do is check the care claims. These are the small tags either at the neck or the side of garments that tell you how they should be cared for.

The tags will include washing and ironing instructions. If your wool garment says that it is okay to be ironed, you can then proceed to the next steps.

Step Two: Setting the Temperature

The most important part of answering what is the wool setting on an iron is first to find the right setting. As mentioned, most irons have it clearly marked near the temperature dial, whereas others may require you to set the temperature manually. For wool, your iron should be set at 300°F.

Depending on how your iron is designed, you’ll likely have to wait for the heat indicator light to switch on. This lets you know that the iron is ready to be used.

Step Three: Dampening the Garment

Before you moisturize your wool, you’ll want to turn it inside out. This is an extra step that is highly advised because it prevents the outside of the garment from becoming shiny. It’s also recommended that you dampen wool before ironing, as this helps to keep the fine fibers in their best possible condition.

Material that is too dry can lead to scorch marks and discoloration. Using a spray bottle, gently mist a little bit of water to the entire garment.

Applying the Protective Cloth

Step Four: Applying the Protective Cloth

As an added protective measure, it’s recommended you invest in a protective cloth. These items are essential for adding a barrier between the garment that needs to be ironed and the heat of the iron itself. If there is the chance of discoloration, it will happen to the protective cloth rather than the iron.

Step Five: Ironing the Wool Garment

It’s now time to begin the ironing process. You’ll want to lay the garment flat and gently reshape it using your hands.

Using swift movements, shift the iron and the protective cloth along the areas of the wool garment that need ironing. Be sure to not leave the iron on one spot for too long.

If you notice that any wrinkles are being a little too stubborn, it’s recommended you use the steam function. Steam is a fantastic way to press out wrinkles with minimal effort. It also helps to make sure that you’re not ironing over the same spot too often. As an added tip, don’t add an excessive amount of pressure to the iron since this will cause the wool to become shiny.

Step Six: Lay the Garment Flat

Prior to hanging up your wool clothing, you’ll want to give the material time to cool down. You’ll want to find a flat and hard surface where you can lay the garment entirely flat. After approximately five minutes, you can hang or fold the wool item as needed.

Final Thoughts

Being able to answer what is the wool setting on an iron is essential to making the most out of your favorite appliance. With the ability to iron wool, you’ll never have to worry about wearing a creased garment again.

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