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Structures are value types; instances of a structure are copied when assigned to variables or constants, or when passed as arguments to a function call.

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By definition, all attributes of a class that are function objects define corresponding methods of its instances.

Prior to the completion of each revaluation, the assessor shall conduct a field review. You can also use a declaration to extend the behavior of an existing named type and to import symbols into your program that are declared elsewhere. Usage terms of a property in the class description as arguments in parentheses after declaring a committee.

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Use caution when initializing values from methods or properties that may throw an exception. As a result, it it easier for old data and applications to migrate to a new version, and thus can increase the level of adoption of the new version. Waiver by failure to file. General Assembly, and amended Subsec.

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An implementation should always import its interface file as one of the first lines of code. Methods defined in a parent class can NOT access private methods defined in a class which inherits from them.

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