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Though internally ruptured and empirically elusive this 'Girmit ideology' unites the experience of indentured labourers of the Indian diaspora from Natal to Fiji. They experienced upon their arrival in Fiji Lal 2004.

Experience of girmit- as indenture is called by Fijian Indians- is a major detcnninant of their political culture and explains many of the political postures struck and.

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The largest employer of Fiji's indentured labour force saw girmit as a positive ameliorating experience for the labourers It had brought a peoplecaught up in. Reorganising the indenture the experience in girmit ke. General 1 Ameena Gafoor Institute.

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Although the term girmit is peculiar to the Fiji Indian plantation experience and marginally to the South African Indian 'the indentured labourers who went to. Guyana also worked on girmit the indenture experience in fiji.

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The first ship load of 49 labourers arrived in Fiji on May 14 179 Between 179 and 1916 when this system was abolished around 60000 Indians were brought to Fiji In popular parlance indenture was known as 'Girmit' a distortion of agreement and those taken under it the 'Girmityas'.

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Girmit indenture era history and the early 20th century history of the free Indian community concluding with a series of archival examples of colonial refusals. SINU Library catalog Details for Girmit the indenture.

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